I have had a couple of readings with Laura, my first being in December 2017. Laura’s readings have been spot on from my paying off debt, moving (predicted time-frame and location) to purchasing a car for my son with the color that I would get. Laura is truly amazing and she definitely has a gift. I would recommend getting a reading from Laura; you won’t be disappointed.

Dawn S.

I had my 1st reading with Laura a couple months ago and she was spot on. When she touched on my current working environment it was like she was a co-worker in the same building. I cannot wait until I have the pleasure of receiving another reading from Laura.


I love readings with Laura. With each reading I feel like she knows me and can feel what I am going through. If you have a dilemma or problem or are looking for guidance, she helps tremendously! Her spirit guides have a wicked sense of humor and always lighten the mood.


Laura described my house to me 6 months before we bought it: location, side of the street, surrounding area and neighbor. It was absolutely incredible! I highly recommend readings with Laura; she is amazing!