Coaching For Empaths

Are you an Empath? 

Have you grown up believing that you are overly sensitive?  Do you become overwhelmed easily?  Do crowds, concerts and confrontations disable you immediately? Have you felt that you are doomed to be this way forever?  Do you find it draining to be around negative people? Have you often wondered if you are feeling other’s emotions or your own?    

These may be signs of being an empath! You have a unique ability and gift! You have probably heard about empathy before; that is the ability to comprehend or imagine what another might be feeling. Whereas, an empath may literally feel what another person is experiencing on a physical or emotional level. Sound familiar? Your gift to feel is just that, a gift. Having a sensitivity towards others is not an invitation for pain but an incredible invitation for personal growth and empowerment! But you may ask, HOW? 


Awesome Empathic YOU 

How to thrive in this world instead of just survive by  

learning how to use your spiritual gift of empathy and live a balanced life.  

Join me and journey into what it means to be an empath! 

As your intuitive empathic coach, I will create a unique package to meet your current needs, some of which may cover:

  • Where you fall on the empathic spectrum? 
  • How to create, maintain and sustain health boundaries with self and others. (Energy suckers beware!)
  • Strategies for empath self-care. 
  • Understanding your four main archetypes and how they can help you succeed instead of holding you back.
  • Holistic strategies for living with empathy such as: use of crystals, mindful awareness of present moments, grounding and centering techniques. 

I am excited to work with you to help you find the joys of being an empath, use your skills to be successful, attain goals you never thought you’d reach and connecting in deeper ways. Each package is unique to where you are and where you want to go.

Limited spots available in this one of a kind program. 

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