About Laura

Thank you for visiting my site. As an intuitive medium and spiritual guide you might say that I was born to help others. From the moment I was born my life has been a testament to overcoming the odds. After entering the world extremely premature I spent the first 3 months of my life in a hospital where I had heart surgery and was diagnosed with blindness.   I have grown to be a person who has a vivacity for life and a desire to assist others in living life with a deep connection to their own spiritual wisdom.  I believe our challenges are not meant to break us; but they appear in life to reveal to us our own inner strength. 

During my childhood I struggled to find my own way of living, and I believed that my blindness was an insurmountable obstacle. I worried my sensitivities towards spirits, and my ability to feel, see and hear what others could not was a sign that I was crazy. In order to protect myself, I shut off, ignored and pretended like I wasn’t seeing spirits every night. I stopped telling my family about what I saw because I learned quickly that it made others uncomfortable. As a result, I struggled with fear and anxiety for years and felt very alone with my abilities.  Throughout my teens and college years I continued to ignore my intuition and only studied in secret until I plucked up the courage to send a message to a local metaphysical group.  From that random E-mail query, I began this journey to reclaim my own power as an intuitive, courageous woman. It has been through my studies of the tarot, numerology, psychology, astrology, psychic development, mediumship and world religions that I have discovered that we all have unique gifts and abilities that enable us to live spiritually connected lives.

I have always felt a calling to help others. Whether I was volunteering at the local LGBTQ resource center, studying massage therapy or becoming certified in Reiki healing I always found enjoyment in being of service. Something was missing and that was when I finally began to understand I had a greater calling in life. Through the encouragement of a friend I interviewed at a local metaphysical store, I was offered a position to do intuitive work. 

It was offering readings and mediumship sessions that made my heart sing with a joy I had never known. Doing readings and mediumship sessions showed me that I wasn’t just helping people but watching them transform right in front of my eyes. When I do intuitive mediumship sessions with clients I love bringing forth messages of hope and love from family and friends who have passed on to Heaven or the world of spirit. I believe that we were all born with guides who help us to live our best lives. In sessions with me I seek to bring you affirming messages from those guides who have come to help you.  As an intuitive spiritual guide, it is my great joy to show you how to connect with your personal power and learn how to live from a place of authenticity where you know who you are and what you have come here on Earth to do. I believe by learning to listen to your own intuition and healing your inner wounds that you can fully embody the person you have always known you could become.